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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Business Should Be Going Green

Honda is having its hydrogen-fuel-cell concept car. Toyota is having their famous Prius.

Saab is having cars using bio-power; bioethanol, and by that giving the car an extra 30 HP. By using bioethanol, the Saab cars are making an impact on reducing harmful emissions. The use of bioethanol does not significantly raise atmospheric levels of CO2 which is a major contributor of global warming.

Other companies are following suit.

In his speech for the New Year, the Norwegian Prime Minister stressed that the polar ice is melting, and that the polar bears soon will be erased from earth if the seals that they have for dinner is disappearing. In the north we have a great challenge because of the global warming. When the polar ice is melting, the water level is rising. That is not of any good. All owing to the raise of CO2 atmospheric levels.

The President of the United States did not want to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. Is his mind absent from reality?

We - the consumers - have ratified the Kyoto Protocol, at least in our minds. The consequences of this will be that a lot of manufacturers will see to that also they will be more engaged in the politics of an environmentally friendly world. If we - the consumers - see that a certain company is not complying with the Kyoto Protocol, we will not buy the company's products.

Manufacturers - beware.



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