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Thursday, January 11, 2007

8 Stepping Stones to REMARKABILITY

In our everyday lives we struggle through our dailies in order to keep up with our work, friends and families. We somewhat are in the sea of sameness to everybody else. We are part of a gray mass, and we are not being very remarkable. Time to change. This is how YOU will stand out from the crowe and be - yes - REMARKABLE:

1. Be positive.
2. Be supportive, encourage and appreciate.
3. Be enthusiastic, energetic and upbeat.
4. Be active, take action, be bold, be courageous.
5. Smile...laugh - laugh at yourself, laugh with others.
6. Learn, stretch, grow, challenge yourself.
7. Believe in yourself, believe in others.
8. Love all, serve all, be patient, be kind, be generous.
Do these more often and you will be "REMARKABLE".

And by the way - THANKS to Ken Brand who wrote these 8 Stepping Stones in his blog.



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