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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

TIME's Promise

Having just renewed my subscrition for TIME, but being too late for continous delivery, I guess it may take some weeks before the subscription starts again. For that reason I went to the newsstand and bought a copy (Vol. 169, No. 3).

Reading the Managing Editor's "To Our Readers" I got a pleasant surprice. Mr. Stengel writes in his column that
We' ve changed our production schedule because the news environment has changed, and because we've been listening to you. Over and over, we've heard that our subscribers put the magazine aside to read on the weekend. The solution was pretty simple: let's get you the magazine when you want it.

I really must say I'm looking forward to receiving the magazine before the weekend and not at the time I have received it for 6 years - on thursday after the weekend.



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