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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

How to make a trackback

Thanks to Robert Lindsay I can hereby disclose how you make a trackback.

Robert Lindsay writes:

I use the Wizbang Trackback Pinger. It's a rightwing blog, but what the heck. The Kelsey Trackback Pinger is also listed there but I have not used it for a bit. The Wizbang Pinger is quite reliable and I highly recommend it. It's the one I use on a regular basis.

Click on the Wizbang Trackback Pinger to open a new window. There will be 5 separate data boxes there. The first one says, "Trackback url". This is the trackback url of the blog post you are trackbacking to. Copy-paste the trackback url into this text box. The next says, "Your permalink url". This is the url of your post
where you linked to the post you are tracking back to.

Go find the post on your blog page and either click on the title, if you have clickable titles, or go to the end of your blog piece and find the "Posted at (Time/Date)" hyperlink at the end of the post. That is your permalink. Copy-paste that into the permalink box. The next box is "Your Blog Name". Write the name of your blog in there. The next box says, "Title".

This is the title of the blog post, the one you gave the url to in the permalink box. Next says "Excerpt". You can put anything you want to in here, but it's considered polite to only put in the part of your post where you reference to post you are trackbacking to. If you want to be sleazy, you put in some other part of your post designed to get surfers to click your trackback.

Now that you have all five fields filled in, click "Submit Trackback". Wait a bit, and if it is successful, it will take you take a page that says, "Error message 0". That dumb message means the trackback was successful. Anything other than that means your trackback did not work for a variety of reasons. You can only make one trackback to the same post from the same post.


Blogger Robert Lindsay said...

Thx for the link!

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