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Monday, November 02, 2009

Ideavirus Persistence

It’s amazing how things change. In year 2000, when Seth Godin wrote his book “Unleashing The Ideavirus”, one of the viruses in his examples is Palm. The handheld electronic diary which we couldn’t be without.

When writing about “Persistence” in the aforementioned book, Godin writes:
Compare this (the laser pointers) to the Palm virus. Every day, somebody else marches into your office, declaring their undying love and devotion to his new pocket wonder. And unlike laser pointers, people who love them keep using them. They persist.
I wonder how many use Palm today when you have all the same options in your cellphone.

Palm once filled a vacuum, a vacuum now filled by cellphones. I don’t see anyone uses Palm anymore, but it happens that I see someone using a laser pointer….



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