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Monday, February 05, 2007

OLGA is Dead

Dear Olga,

It has come to my understanding that you have left us - may be for ever. What a pity.

Through the years you have been a reference site for many trying to learn new tunes on their guitar. You have been like a friend which could be visited to learn something new on the guitar. Like old friends for years and years having learned from each other, you have been there. Now you are gone.

What does this mean? When you, dear OLGA, is gone, many guitar players will ask, WHY. Because there have never been illegal to learn a new tune on the guitar from a friend. The lyrics can often be found in the booklet of a CD, and what the friends have to do is to put some letters (and numbers) between the lines showing which chords to be used, and perhaps add tablature now and then. This is how a tradition on playing guitar has gone like a legacy from guitar player to guitar player. From grandfather to father to son. In the old days there was no tablature, there was no internet, there was no other way to learn new tunes on the guitar than learning from someone else or be teaching one self.

Dear OLGA, what if I write a lyric, put on the chords and give it to my friend, will I then be in conflict with the law? I don't think so.

There are millions of guitarists who would love to see you back again, dear OLGA.

When will you be back?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What self-serving crap. Un-memorable, stream-of-consciousness babble. Enjoy your insignificant contribution to the dross of the blogosphere. No one else will.

5:36 PM  

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