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Friday, February 09, 2007

Creating Evangelists

I read the blog of Creating Passionate Users on how to create Evangelists the authentic way. This is what they say about what you should have and what you should do.

1) You have a product or service or cause that helps users learn and grow and kick ass at something.
2) You give users tools to help them evangelize.
3) You do not ever, ever, ever pay users for doing this.

Creating Evangelists is about how you can get someone telling their friends about your product in a way that is truthful. Creating Evangelists has nothing to do with asking "cheaters" to go on the street telling "everybody" about your product, a product the "cheaters" may not even have seen. This is what separates the good from the evil, the true ones from the cheaters.

Then, of course, there are certain remedies which may be used to help your evangelists evangelize your product. These may be
  1. Give-aways DVDs so the ones that receives the DVD may see why this product means so much to the one the got the DVD from
  2. Posters and stickers to raise attention to the product. Speaking for my self, I'm a true evangelizer of the Skagen Festival , a music festival in Skagen, Denmark, and I often get posters to put up in my city just before the festival starts.
  3. Free tickets to an event arranged by the manufacturer of the product
  4. Friends and Families Nights; three weeks ahead of the Skagen Festival me and my wife arrange a Skagen Vorspiel where we invite the friends of ours who we will be going to Skagen together with.
  5. Testimonials from credible people. Speaking once again for myself, I talk about the Skagen Festival round the year, telling all my acquaintances about what a remarkable experience it is to go to Skagen and listen to all the wonderful music, and not by least, how much it adds up to your marriage.

This is how YOU can help your true users to evangelize YOUR product of service.



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