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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Subscribing for a newsletter

Late evening yesterday I read an article I was recommended by Paul Sherland, my LinkedIn friend. The article was published on EMarketer. EMarketer also has a free newsletter which I wanted to subscribe to.

I tried to sign up for their newsletters at least 10 times but could not pass the security code. I thought;
"How many times do they expect me to try?"  I should want to read their newsletters, but it seemed to me it was not possible. And I thought; "This is not very good in the perspective of WoM."

So I wrote an e-mail to Jennifer Pearson at EMarketer regarding my problems. She replied within a few minutes and I'm now registred to receive their newsletters.

That's WOW from a WoM perspective, and should be something everybody should learn from..

By her very quick action she turned a dissatisfied "customer" to a satisfied "customer". And - of course - I'm looking forward to receiving the newsletters.


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